LITHIUM BATTERY 2.0Ah or 3.0Ah - powered by SAMSUNG cell

New battery concept, powered by Samsung brand cell. A single battery for all 120volts products!:

  • LONGER DURATION: 3 times more than normal batteries.
  • FULL POWER: The battery runs at full power until it is completely exhausted.
  • LONG LIFE-SPAN: With the batteries of the literature it is possible to make up to 2,000 charging cycles!
  • LESS WEIGHT: Lithium batteries offer the best power-to-weight ratio. In average terms, they weigh 1/3 of the nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: The devices with lithium battery are recyclable and are products without heavy metals.
  • MEMORY EFFECT: Lithium batteries will be recharged at any time without negative memory effect.
  • LOW DISCHARGE RATE: Loses charge at a low rate (up to 5 times lower than nickel-cadmium batteries).
  • BATTERY CHARGER: the lithium battery chargers allow to reduce the energy consumption in average terms of 35%.
What are you doing for the environment?


With 120volts tools, you have the opportunity to choose a renewable energy source and lighten your environmental footprint.
Redback cordless tools provide industry-leading level of Power and Torque


The 120volts system consists of 2 batteries and 2 charger options
Batteries come in 2Ah and 3Ah capacities.
Any of the batteries will fit your 120volts tool!

MOWER 120volts

BLOWER 120volts


CHAIN SAW 120volts

NEW product: Hedge trimmer 120v

For only 10€ more, 1 extra-Year of Warranty!

Electric motor benefits

All 120volts products are Eco-friendly

  • More reliable than a gasoline engine. It does not have a spark plug, filters, carburetors, etc. that is, components subject to problems.
  • NO maintenance, for the reasons mentioned above.
  • Much lighter.
  • Less consumption and very low exercise costs compared to gasoline models (with a few cents of electric current you can cut the grass).
  • No vibration, thanks to the electric motor. On the other hand, almost all gasoline systems, which do not have an anti-vibration system in steel springs, have a high degree of vibration and therefore cutting is not comfortable.
  • There is no smoke or damage to the environment and above all to the health of the users.
  • Much more silent than gasoline models.

About us

We are a team with 40 years of experience in the garden products’ field, we began this project  with the goal to find an alternative to classic combustion engines. After long study and research we present to you this high quality product.

The REDBACK®  120 volts garden tools  reaches its end-customers mainly through the dealer channel, which is a global network of thousands of small  local and independent stores.

Given the dealer-centric model, driving dealer channel business development in partnership, relationships with dealers is a priority.

Provide the user with the best services, training and sales support is fundamental to our success, these have been developed over 35 countries around the world and now in Europe.

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